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Bible fellowship

Adult Department

Our goal at Sullivan Baptist is to spiritually strengthen marriages and families through the study of God’s Word. We strive to encourage and enhance the believers walk with the Lord by learning, growing, and fellowshipping with other Christians. Multiple class choices are available. Couples, Ladies and Men’s classes for all ages. Class curriculum is selected to meet the needs of each class and our teachers use a variety of methods to teach the Word of God for everyday living.
Younger Adults – "Foundations" (25-40)
Left side of trailer
Chad Gordon, Zac Birch
Adult – “Ambassadors”
Music Suite
Roger Hodges, Tommy Riddle
Adult - "Servants"
Fellowship Hall
Ed Guinn, Rich Halbrook
Adult – "Sanctuary"
Room 110
Jim Ramey, Gary Hilton
Adult – "Conquerors"
Room 106
Danny Fee, Adrian Lyon
Adult – "Sojourners"
Room 108
Sara Hodges, Charlotte Taylor, Sharron Richardson
Senior Women – "Gleaners"
Mary Greene, Barbara Moore
SBC 101: First Steps
Jeff Strong, Andy Coffman

Student Department

Grades 6-12th
Wooten Chapel
Greg Jones, Bill Moore & Christina O'Neal
College (18-24)
Wooten Chapel
Joy Turner & Alex O'Neal

Children's Department

Blue Room
Susan Faucher & VIP
Orange Room
Renee McBryar & VIP
Four's/Pre-K Fives
Green Room
Faye Harrold, Andrea Anderson
Kindergarten/First Grade
Lugene Bragg, Angie Thomas
Second/Third Grades
Greg & Sherri Feathers
Fourth/Fifth Grades
Sharon Clubb